Direct Access Scheme

Direct Access Scheme

At Focus Rider Training, we offer Direct Access Scheme (DAS) courses in Bury and the surrounding area. Contact us for more information. 

Direct Access courses you will benefit from

The team at Focus Rider Training offer a wide range of Direct Access courses in Bury. The DAS allows riders aged over 24 to take a riding test on larger and more powerful motorcycles. These motorcycles and scooters are usually over 600cc. Once you clear the DAS course, you will be awarded a license which will allow you to ride a motorbike of any size and power. If you want to go for an A2 licence (19 years or older, maximum 46.6 bhp) or an A1 licence (17 years or older,maximum 125cc and 15 bhp) the course structure is the same. The courses we offer are:

  • 2-day Direct Access course (A2 to DAS conversion only)
Riders who are competent on a manual A2 bike and have ridden a minimum of 2000 miles are eligible to take up the course. You will be riding a 650cc bike during the duration of the course. This course is subject to an assessment.

  • 3-day Direct Access course (experienced riders)
This course is a mixture of Mod 1 and Mod 2 training. We will be using the DVSA test centre and the surrounding areas as the training area for the motorbike. You will need to be very competent on a bike with standard manual transmission, to be eligible to take up this course.

  • 4-day Direct Access course (semi-experienced riders)
Candidates who are quite competent on a bike with standard manual transmission are eligible to take up this course. From someone who has recently taken the CBT test to a person who only has automotive experience and no practical riding experience, this course is suitable for riders with limited experience.

  • 5-day Direct Access course (novice riders)
This course is intended for beginners, with absolutely no riding experience. We will first train you for the CBT, this is the test which you will take on the first day of your course. Should you fail to pass it, you can approach us for more training. The advantage of our 5 day course is how flexible it is. If you are unable to take the course on 5 consecutive days, we can stagger the course for you over the next several days.

Please note that we may start the training on a 125cc bike for novice riders, depending on your ability and confidence to ride the bike. Additionally, do remember to carry your UK riding licence, your CBT certificate and your motorcycle theory test pass certificate.
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Advantages of taking up a DAS course

  • It will allow you to ride larger and more powerful bikes
  • This is beneficial for semi-experienced riders to ramp up           their riding abilities
  • It can be used as a preparatory course for the CBT                       practical test
  • It can be used to learn the theoretical and practical                     aspects of motorcycle riding
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Use the right gear

Riding a bike can be risky if you are not fully equipped with the right gear. Riding boots are a must and so are long trousers or heavy jeans. We issue our customers boots, armoured trousers, helmets, jackets and gloves. If you wear spectacles or contact lenses, please make sure that you wear them. an eyesight  check is a requirement of the course.
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To enrol in our DAS courses, call Focus Rider Training on 0161 272 0770

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